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Smart Digital Asset in The Blockchain

credits : Ejiofor Francis,

Since the birth of Pitiscoin this year, uproar on scams, ponzi schemes somehow manage to find its way to our page. Pitiscoin is based on Blockchain technology which promises exciting journey in exploiting and imagining new possibilities in a certain duration of time.

Pitiscoin is a product. Kodinar Berhad has invested time and monetary value in making it a reality and it is now available to be shared via 100% locally developed by Malaysian for the world.

Recent article by Ejiofor Francis,, on the dark side of digital currency has benefit Pitiscoin in comparisons of red flags, you as owner or future owner to be wary of. Here are some points to identify the characteristic of rogue cryptocoins opposed to Pitiscoin:

1) Digital crypto that can only be traded internally or only within its own community. Be wary. This is a sign of ponzi scheme. All legit crypto coins can be exchanged into local or fiat currency. Highlight : pitiscoin is tradable via CCex, and not only for internal exchange.

2) Always have value appreciation , NOT!. A genuine coin depends on market forces, the demand and supply environment. This determines whether the coin will appreciate or depreciate in value. Stay away from coins which are only promising you profit overnight. Highlight : Pitiscoin does not offer an overnight success.

3) No solid background information about the currency. Legitimate coins always have an office to be based at with its owner named and address for its HQ. Highlight : Pitiscoin is own by Kodinar Berhad with head office located in Gombak. More information available at

4) Promises huge and constant returns. Bear in mind, there is no huge returns without any commensurate risk. Pitiscoin does have these risk but it does not promises huge return as yet. All are dependent on market forces which is always in a volatile state.

5) A legitimate coin must satisfy the following :
– Decentralized
– Unlimited use
– Controlled supply
– Publicly disclosed source code for anyone to verify.
Highlight : pitiscoin has all these in place.

6) Depends strongly on referrals and commission. If it depends solely on these two means the coin has no value (no market demand). Highlight : Pitiscoin has only referral email and certain commission (minimal) for marketing purposes only. Not to invoke interest of sort.

In conclusion, it is based on a very strong foundation, Blockchain decentralized system and LADR1M plays an important role to stray away from false allegations of scams or anything Ponzi with regards to Pitiscoin.

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